Skin Rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light)

Want to fight the signs of ageing without any downtime?

Quick and easy, this skin rejuvenation treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and is a non-invasive treatment to correct and treat skin damage without disruption of the skin’s surface.

Each treatment is personally tailored to your skin on the day of treatment.


Course dependent on area(s) being treated

£15 - £40 depending on area


Levels 4, 5 and 6

Dependent on area being treated

What are the benefits?

Pigmentation, thread capillaries and skin tone can be specifically targeted, while treating all of your face. Stimulating collagen and elastin, this treatment produces firmer, smoother, younger and healthier looking skin on the face, neck, chest and hands.

The treatments target:

  • Red capillaries (red flushing/rosacea, thread capillaries, red spots and red leg capillaries) – the IPL is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood, heating them to the point where they are destroyed. Following treatment, the vessels quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.
  • Pigmentation – pigmented lesions such as sun spots, age spots and liver spots can be successfully removed creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance. The IPL is absorbed by the melanin, causing it to coagulate. Your body’s natural healing process exfoliates it after a few days leaving brighter, more radiant looking skin.
  • Rejuvenation – Using heat energy from the IPL, your fiblast cell is heated to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This is the key to younger, fresher, smoother skin. The skin uses its natural healing process to filter out pigmentation and redness to even out the skin tone, as well as treating enlarged pores and acne scarring.

What is the downtime?

This treatment does not require any downtime. You may return to normal activities straight after your treatment.

Are there any possible side effects?

Possible side effects of the treatment are closely related to the skin type and/or presence of a sun tan. The darker the skin, the more likelihood there is of potential complications such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. To reduce this, a patch test is always carried out one week prior to treatment.

How many treatments do I need for best results?

Treatment time varies depending on the area being treated – this will be explained during your consultation. Multiple treatments are required.

Treatment protocol 

Pre-treatment protocol

Before any treatment, Aspire will undertake a full review of your medical health and medication.

Avoid sun exposure and sunbeds for 1 month, ensuring SPF 30 minimum is used every day on areas to be treated.

Avoid the use of fake tan or gradual tanning creams for 2 weeks.

Laser and IPL cannot be applied to an area that has undergone any type of electrical facial/body treatment, chemical peel or microneedling and injectables 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Male clients requiring face rejuvenation are required to shave the beard hair to skin level the night before or morning of treatment.

Post-treatment protocol

Avoid trauma to the treated area for 4-5 days afterwards, including strenuous activities, saunas, steam and excessively hot baths. Take cool showers to reduce irritation, keep areas moisturised and protected.

Avoid perfumed products, deodorant and skin/body care. 100% mineral make up may be applied (except with fractional laser).

Please do not use a sunbed or sunbathe at any time when receiving laser or IPL treatments as a tan on your skin may prevent you from receiving your next treatment. Skin should be protected using SPF 30 minimum to the area between treatments.

Skin may appear red and slightly sensitised after treatment. Keep the area cool and apply a soothing cream such as Lynton Light Soothe Serum.

Training clinic

Aspire Aesthetics is a professional training clinic for undergraduate students studying the Aesthetic Practitioner degree at University College Birmingham, which offers cutting-edge non-surgical treatments at a fraction of the usual cost.

Our trainee aestheticians are supervised by highly-qualified lecturers with a wealth of industry experience and undergo thorough training before undertaking client treatments. As the students are continually learning and honing their skills, please bear in mind that on some occasions treatments may take longer than stated. If you have any further questions about how the treatments are performed, please feel free to call us on 0121 232 4238. 

Consultation and patch test

Before we can perform this treatment, you will need to come in for a consultation and patch test. During this, we will assess your needs and perform your requested treatment on a small area to check for suitability and ensure there are no adverse skin reactions. Please allow up to one hour on top of the treatment time for this.

Book your appointment

Please be aware, as we are a training clinic, some treatments are only offered on certain days of the week or at certain times in the academic calendar. Please enquire for more information. 

To book an appointment, please call our clinic reception on 0121 232 4238. Alternatively, you can complete our online booking enquiry form and a member of the team will be in contact. We do receive a high volume of email enquiries, so please allow up to 2 working days for a response.   

Please note that our clinic is usually open Monday-Friday, during term time only. We are closed over the Christmas and Easter holidays, and for Reading Week in October and March. For full details, please ask a member of the team when booking your appointment.